On a Winter’s Day

Listening to the news this morning about the deep cold affecting most of Canada, especially the east and with it massive power outages I am reminded of how lucky we are with the weather here in south western B.C. I will try to remember that when we get the expected 40 cm of rain in a day later this week.  For today though, as I look south out into the forest, the sun streaming through the trees, the air still and my world full of green and blue and brown I am glad I don’t have to break the ice on water buckets very often here, or shovel a path out to the sheep. Today I will take advantage of this glorious sunny weather to cut firewood, prepare for the heavy rains forecast and do some outside projects I have been putting off.  My 2014 seed catalogues have started to arrive and I am tempted to curl up with them and dream of spring and summer but I will leave that to the rainy days.

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here goes! My new Blog about life on a little sheep farm

Well here goes!  I started this new blog for several reasons.  The first is that I like to write about daily life in the beautiful place I call home, the landscape, my sheep, the wildlife and the cycle of the seasons.  My friends and family seem to like how I talk about it.

Secondly I love to learn and I love to share what I learn and starting a conversation about that and sharing what I know and what I am learning is a good place to start. I have lived on a small farm for 30 years and I have learned plenty of useful things worth knowing in that time.

Thirdly I want to challenge myself to the discipline of writing on a regular basis.  So this is it.  I plan to describe what I observe, to show you what I see and create, to tell you about what I am learning and to share the step by step processes of some of what I do.  I might talk about other things too, about trying to live a life that is gentle on the world, about local and seasonal eating and about  learning. so here goes.

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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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